Unveiling the End (Week 5)

By February 11, 20172017 News

One week left. It is now crunch time, as our engineering lab is full of bodies rushing around, racing against time. The business team already experienced their own Bag-N-Tag with the Chairman’s Essay and the Executive Summaries, staying up until 2AM Wednesday night. Nonetheless, we successfully submitted our essay and Executive Summaries on time. We also hosted our 4th Annual Unveiling Ceremony. On the engineering team, we have completed all our desired goals in terms of the robot’s design and mechanisms are progressing along greatly. We can’t wait to battle our robots alongside others in March!

Revealing our robot and CAD drawings yesterday at our Unveiling event, we showcased a completed chassis with the electrical and the manufacturing components (collector and hopper) finalized as well. Currently, we are improving our shooter and programming on our drive train. We hope that before Bag-N-Tag (February 21st), we are able to test our robot on a field that will mimic the field during competition.

The business team had to work very hard this week. While meeting the deadline for our Chairman’s submission of both the essay and Executive Summaries, we had to plan and coordinate our annual Unveiling Event. With ten teams and over 120 people attending, we were able to see various’ teams robots or CAD designs over a spaghetti dinner. Special features included videos robot reveals from Team 6520 GART from Vietnam, Team 4590 GreenBlitz from Israel, and Team 4915 Spartronics from Bainbridge Island who were unable to attend. A big thanks to everyone that participated in this event!