“Unveiling” the Boss Battle (Week 3)

By January 29, 20182018 News

This week in the CyberKnights lab, we made phenomenal progress that has never been done by our team before. We have a completely wired robot with almost all the final modules mounted on our it. In several days, are going pass the robot prototype to software so they can start writing code and make an autonomous. The wooden replica planned for practice is halfway done, and after the coding is finished we’ll be able to start our drive team practices. Overall, the hard work put in by our team these first few weeks has really paid off in so many ways. This might be our first year with a fully built robot for unveiling, so can’t wait to see you all there!

Hard work is going into this event on both ends of the spectrum, and our turnout this year has been great. We’re expecting twelve teams to show up at Unveiling: the Seamonsters, Top Gun, APEX, Sonic Squirrels, Reign, CPR, Royals, Chill Out, ScotBots, MASH, and Pronto. It’s sure to be an excellent time–we hope to see you there!

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