Spinning our Gears (Week 3)

By January 28, 20172017 News

Now into Week 3 of the build season, both the engineering and the business teams have a lot on their plates, so much so, that our gears can’t stop spinning. Our team has spent long nights hunched over computers or iterating on our prototypesLuckily we have been able to survive thanks to our in-kind donations from Starbucks, as we binge drink hot chocolate and coffee. Nonetheless we are still putting in 110% because bag-n-tag is less then 30 days away! 

Our engineering teams are now finalizing their prototypes as they split into groups focusing on different mechanisms. They split up into two groups with one purpose: finding out who had created the better shooter for our robot.  This week we are  finalizing and comparing the shooters to find out which one will makes it on our robot!

Our CAD teams are busy developing technical illustrations for the climber, chassis, fuel feeder, gear collection, and the gear delivery.

Our software team has begun programming for the autonomous period of the game,  in which it is designed  to complete a task without the help of human interaction for the first fifteen seconds of the match.

On the business team we have finalized our business plan and over the weekend our Chairman’s team had a sleepover (in which we actually didn’t sleep) for team bonding and a mission to refresh the Cyberknights‘ story! Our Chairmen’s team are vigorously working on the Chairman’s essay and our executive summaries in hopes that we really get across who we are as CyberKnights.