Shooting for the Finish Line (Week 4)

By February 4, 20172017 News

This week, our team was busy at work with build season coming to an end. Both the business and engineering team have been working hard on multiple tasks. The engineering team worked on our robot and accomplished much concerning the robot’s design and mechanisms. The business team was busy planning our annual Unveiling Event and Chairman’s essay. Despite the plentiful tasks needing to be done, we progressed at a steady pace and accomplished much this week.

On the Engineering side of the team, we finished our robot’s CAD. We had two prototypes for our shooter, and this week we made the final decision on which one we would put on the robot. Along with our shooter, we finalized our robot’s mechanisms for storing fuel and the gear. This week the software team started developing our final robot architecture.

This weekend we are looking forward to cutting metal!

The business team’s upcoming outreach event is our annual Unveiling Event, which is open to everyone in the FRC community. At this event, all FRC teams that join us can mingle, showcase their work-in-progress robot, share ideas and get advice from fellow teams. The event will be held at our school on February 10th. More information can be accessed through our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. We hope to see you there!

Another business project that kept us busy this week was our Chairman’s submission. We are close to finalizing our plan on how to best tell our team’s ongoing story.