Rookie Inspiration: Alex

“Rookie Inspiration” is a new blog series that showcases the learning experiences of newly joined CyberKnights members.

I have participated in robotics from sixth grade through eighth grade. However, when I joined the CyberKnights, robotics was much different and enjoyable. I decided to join robotics because I enjoy programming and building, and using innovative ideas. In addition, robotics has a variety of different teams and departments that you can join. Robotics is a great experience for all types of people. People who are talented at presentations, designing things, innovative thinking, critical thinking, programming, building things, and many other things, will enjoy the experience that can only be found in robotics.

When I joined the CyberKnights, I experienced a different type of robotics. The CyberKnights have provided me with many more great opportunities than any of the other robotics teams could ever provide. I have really enjoyed robotics for many reasons. First, I enjoy working with other people and using my teamwork skills. Working with other people is a great learning experience to be able to share your ideas properly and to be able to accept other people’s ideas. Second, I enjoy being able to apply the knowledge that I gain from school. For example, there are many math concepts that you can apply when you are working in robotics. Math is only one of the many things that you can use in robotics. Thirdly, robotics prepares you for a real career. The environment and the different things that we do in robotics will be relevant in a workplace environment. Lastly, being able to see a successful product at work is extremely fun. Overall, I really enjoy robotics and working as a team to complete a successful robot.

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  • Peggy Lee says:

    Very well said.
    All the hard work in this four years will pay off once you enter college or even to the work force.
    God bless you , Alex!

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