The Chairman’s Award is considered the most prestigious award given by FIRST®, and is one of the most difficult awards to obtain in FIRST Robotics Competition. We hope that providing teams our entire Chairman’s submission over the years—from the essay to the presentation materials—will help other teams understand their story that embodies the principles and goals of FIRST.

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A consistent and well-defined brand is important in a team, as well as large businesses in today’s industry. In order for our identity to remain consistent, we created a comprehensive guide describing our team colors, typography, apparel, and many other guidelines set on many aspects of our team. This allows our brand to remain consistent as our team evolves in the future.

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Note: Please adhere to the guidelines established in the most recent version.

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Large companies have business plans to provide investors and key executives an overview of their budget, demographics, management, as well as future strategies and the company’s vision. Likewise, a business plan is necessary for teams to provide their sponsors the team mission, demographics, and other necessary aspects to demonstrate a structured, sustainable team.

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Safety is often forgotten when teams have long hours yet short time available to build a robot from scratch. It is, however, imperative for members to have a fun environment to learn and work together as a team. To provide a foundation for safety, guides are created and are enforced by the team’s safety captain throughout the season. Safety guides should include emergency procedures, approved members on machinery, and safety data sheets (SDS) of common chemicals in a robotics lab.

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