Our mission is to inspire future leaders and increase opportunities for students through robotics.

We believe that our potential is found through FIRST®. The CyberKnights are dedicated to impacting lives in our community and around the world, mirroring the way FIRST inspires us. Regardless of gender, race, age, culture, or ability, all that matters is the willingness to learn. We share our passion with those around us to bridge gaps and break down barriers.

Our History

The CyberKnights began at King’s High School in Seattle, Washington in 2009 by Mike Thompson. We spent four years in FIRST Tech Challenge as Team 3717 before advancing to FIRST Robotics Competition as Team 4911. Our legacy still remains as our outreach and mission are continued from our years in FIRST Tech Challenge.

Bridging The Gaps

The “driving engine” for our team is to bridge the gaps that exist in STEM education by empowering high school students to experience changing the world in real time. Building an award-winning robot is a great challenge but we’ve learned that it isn’t the most important part of involvement with FIRST®.

Today, we are expanding Special Olympics Unified Robotics, the robotics program we founded for students with intellectual disabilities. We are sustaining the first East African FTC team in Uganda, assisting our FLL team in inner-city Los Angeles, mentoring the first FRC team in Vietnam, assisting a rookie team in San Jose, playing STEM-related games with children at Ronald McDonald House, and encouraging peers to pursue their interests in robotics. We instill this driving engine in every student, and every member will continue to participate in our mission to bridge the gaps in STEM education.

Our Outreach

We Are A Student-Led Team

Our robotics team is organized to model an engineering company with three major divisions: business, engineering, and strategy. Each division is broken into sub-teams with specific tasks and responsibilities. Student leaders act as Vice Presidents to supervise each division and sub-team.

Madeline Schwitters

President & Engineering Lead

Andrew LaPrade

Business Lead & VP Unified Robotics

Ian Hoppis

Design Lead

Caleb de los Angeles

Software Lead

Joanne Yi

Outreach Lead

Laurie Machida

Presentation Lead

Nathan Judd

Electrical Lead

Ruth Buck

Safety Captain


The CyberKnights serve as the founding team of King’s Robotics, a group of FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST LEGO® League, and FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams. In its endeavor to successfully embody FIRST values and goals, the CyberKnights seek to create a team culture that sustains our community for years to come. From team recruitment, developing student leaders, serving as FIRST ambassadors in outreach, collaborating with each other in a student-led environment, and asking corporations to support us as the next generation of leaders, the CyberKnights strive to be an organization of people impacting the world for FIRST.

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